Teaching lions and humans to get along – CNN.com

See on Scoop.itHuman-Wildlife Conflict: Who Has the Right of Way?

Paula Kahumbu is Kenyan conservationist aiming to reduce human-wildlife conflict by training lions and educating people in rural Kenya…


“Africa is the only continent remaining on this planet that still has its full diversity of large mammals,” she says. “We can’t afford to lose it. We’ve always been able to co-exist with wildlife.”…


“Kenyan lions have reduced from about 15,000 about 15 years ago to fewer than 2,000 now,”…


Lions have become a particular problem for farm owners and Maasai tribes, with whom they share the country’s vast savannahs, often preying on valuable livestock.

This has led many farmers and rural communities to take matters into their own hands, in some cases killing whole prides they perceive as a threat.

The use of pesticides such as Furadan — a tablespoon of which costs less than a dollar and is enough to kill a lion — has become a particularly ruthless way of doing so….


http://www.cnn.com/2012/10/01/world/africa/paula-kahumbu-kenya-lions/index.html ;

See on edition.cnn.com


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