Homo sapiens and Neanderthals lived in peace, say researchers | The Times

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Archaeologists say they have found possibly the only place on Earth where the two branches of the human race lived in harmony (RT @archaeosarah: RT @archaeosarah: “Homo sapiens and Neanderthals lived in peace, say researchers” —

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Cats Might Improve Social Life: Gotta-See Video : Discovery News

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Cat owners could carry a parasite that makes them less conscientious and more extroverted.
 Research into a parasite commonly carried by cats (or found in raw steak) shows it increases extroversion and makes humans less conscientious overall.

The parasite, called toxoplasma gondii, “manipulates the behavior of its animal host by increasing the concentration of dopamine and by changing levels of certain hormones,” said a study in the European Journal of Personality.

While a parasite might not be the best reason to buy a cat, simply owning a cat means you’re more likely to be outgoing and less likely to be neurotic.

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